Supported Devices

Target Devices
Android Devices iOS Devices Windows Phone Devices Computers Other Devices
Native App Webapp (in Safari) Webapp (in IE10) Webapp (in Chrome/Firefox) Webapp (in browsers that support Websockets)

Development Devices
Windows Mac Linux
Node.js Application



Hummingbird pushes changes to target devices whenever you save a file in your project directory.


Currently, Hummingbird supports HTML files (.htm and .html files) and images (.png files). It can be easily extended to send any other type of file that is viewable in a browser.

Send Files

If you want to view a file without editing it, just type the filename into the Hummingbird Console. This file will be sent to all connected target devices.

Open Source

Hummingbird is MIT Licensed. The source code for the Hummingbird Console is here. The source for the Android App will be available soon. Pull requests welcome!

TL;DR: An open source, cross platform Skala Preview/ Sketch Mirror that also works with HTML


Installing the Hummingbird Console

Requires Node.js and NPM. Open a shell and run the following:

npm install hummingbird-server -g

Installing the Android App (optional)

Download it from Google Play.


Running the Hummingbird Console

Open a shell in your project directory and run one of the following:

hummingbird port
hummingbird port ip_to_bind_to

On target devices, go to http://server-ip:(port + 1)/ where server-ip is the IP that the Hummingbird Console is running on and port is the port entered above (defaults to 8080 if not specified).

Setting up the android App

Open the Android App. You should see the screen on the left below. Swipe up from the bottom (or top) of the screen and hit the menu icon. Click "Settings" and you should see the screen on the right below. Enter the server-ip and port (note not port + 1). Restart the app and it should connect!

Video Coming Soon